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Investigators Focus on Another Trump Ally: The National Enquirer

A federal inquiry is examining the relationship between a tabloid company, President Trump and his lawyer Michael D. Cohen, whose office was raided by the F.B.I.
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The Virtues of Catholic Anger
Thu, 16 Aug 2018 03:03:09 +0200
In the face of the Pennsylvania abuse scandal, Christians should use their rage to combat evil within the church.
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She’s Trying to Pull an Ocasio-Cortez. Her Target: Pete King.
Fri, 17 Aug 2018 18:29:23 +0200
Liuba Grechen Shirley, a Democratic newcomer campaigning as a working mother, is trying to take down New York’s most visible Republican congressman.
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The Debt-Shaming of Stacey Abrams
Fri, 17 Aug 2018 12:10:23 +0200
Our pernicious double standard on politicians who owe money.
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This Is Your Brain on Omarosa: ἷ3
Thu, 16 Aug 2018 16:30:21 +0200
We are determined not to be distracted from the important news of the week.
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Aretha Franklin’s 20 Essential Songs
Thu, 16 Aug 2018 16:17:19 +0200
The singer, songwriter and pianist’s catalog showcased the range and power of one of the greatest vocalists of all time.
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Lula: There Is a Right-Wing Coup Underway in Brazil
Tue, 14 Aug 2018 15:17:47 +0200
But justice will prevail.
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The Raging Dumpster Fire of the President vs. Omarosa
Tue, 14 Aug 2018 15:01:36 +0200
We are yet again reminded of how this president has hired people who reflect and reinforce his nastiness, neediness and narcissism.
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Best of Late Night: Kimmel Hammers Trump for Changing His Story on 2016 Meeting
Tue, 07 Aug 2018 10:56:08 +0200
Jimmy Kimmel took aim at the president for tweeting that Donald Trump Jr. met with Russian officials before the election “to get information on an opponent.”
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Security Clearances, Elon Musk, Aretha Franklin: Your Weekend Briefing
Sun, 19 Aug 2018 12:41:25 +0200
Here’s what you need to know about the week’s top stories.
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Trump Won Pennsylvania. Democrats Want the State (and His Voters) Back.
Sun, 19 Aug 2018 11:11:31 +0200
With its redrawn congressional map and working class union towns, the state has found itself at the center of Democrats’ plans to win control of the House of Representatives.
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Croatia Dispatch: Throngs Enticed by ‘Game of Thrones’ Threaten a Magical City
Sun, 19 Aug 2018 11:00:09 +0200
Dubrovnik, Croatia, known to “Game of Thrones” fans as King’s Landing, is a fantasy made real. As crowds of “set-jetters” threaten to spoil the port’s sublime majesty, officials are fighting back.
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David McReynolds, Socialist Activist Who Ran for President, Dies at 88
Sun, 19 Aug 2018 03:47:26 +0200
His pacifist work spanned decades and several wars, and he twice ran for the White House as an openly gay man on the Socialist Party USA ticket.
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A Haitian Slave Turned Emperor Brings Celebration and Controversy to Brooklyn
Sun, 19 Aug 2018 03:39:17 +0200
A street in Flatbush was named after Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the Haitian revolutionary leader whose history of violence concerned a City Council committee.
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It’s Not Technology That’s Disrupting Our Jobs
Sun, 19 Aug 2018 02:55:57 +0200
The insecure nature of work is a result of decisions by corporations and policymakers.
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Witchcraft in the #MeToo Era
Sun, 19 Aug 2018 01:33:38 +0200
In pop culture, witchcraft has emerged as a free-spirited expression of feminism and self-affirmation. But it’s also a religion to dozens of covens around New York.
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